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Sheet metal bending

Wide range and maximum precision

Officine Pollastri excellence

Thanks to our extensive stock of machinery and the expertise of our operators, we are able to manufacture items in any shape, from the simplest to more complex articles, combining precision, convenience and speed. Our goal is to meet all our customers’ needs, from standard industrial production to specific projects requiring complex processes and a high level of innovation.

The section consists of manual sheet press brakes with automatic control of bending angle, and a robot-assisted island for larger items.

Capability: resources and opportunities for our customers

Our sheet metal bending machinery

Amada HD130 – 3 NT
  • Maximum bending length 3110 mm
  • Bending force 40 to 1300 KN
Amada HD100 – 3 NT 8 AX
  • Maximum bending length 3110 mm
  • Bending force 30 to 1000 KN
Amada HG100 – 3 ATC
  • Maximum bending length 3110 mm
  • Bending force 30 to 1000 KN, capacity 100 Tn
  • Automatic die changing on signal from the bending programme
Amada HFE 170-4
  • Maximum bending length 4320 mm
  • Capacity 170 Tn
  • Antil robotic bed
Schiavi press brake
  • Maximum bending length 1200 mm
  • Capacity 25 Tn

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We’ve always relied on state-of-the-art machinery, mainly from Amada, the sector leader: it’s a guarantee of the quality and efficiency of a technological partnership that meets the highest production standards and helps us respond to new market challenges in an increasingly dynamic and timely manner.

Giorgio Fava

Watch the full interview with Giorgio Fava, Head of Bending Department

Other processes

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Mechanical processes

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