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Innovation is in our DNA

We come together to make a winning team

Our drive to push limits and go beyond conventional routes is part of our DNA. Our vision has always sought to go further, to execute unequalled projects and meet our customers’ needs by reinterpreting standards.

Massimo Pollastri
CEO Officine Pollastri

For over 40 years, Officine Pollastri has set the course for medium to light metalwork, anticipating market demands. This is thanks to our long-term vision and our intense focus on innovation, evident both in our strategic acquisition of machinery and in our commitment to constant improvement. Innovation in production, processes and methods is a challenging goal that acts as a stimulus for the entire team. This shows in our results in terms of product quality, productivity and the ability to develop dedicated solutions in response to the needs of both large groups and SMEs.

Sectors and Services

Metalwork fabrication for your business

Officine Pollastri is an established leader in the fabrication of medium to light metalwork for the automotive, earth-moving and agricultural sectors, and for special equipment for disabled transport solutions. In response to market demand, we also manufacture metalwork for the processing and structural sectors, furniture, design and environmental solutions: a comprehensive and varied product range that is constantly expanding.


Equipment for vehicle repair and tyre workshops, including tyre removers, wheel balancers, lifting platforms and accessories.

Earth Moving

Chassis for mini dumpers and tracked forklifts.

Indoor Transport

Chassis for electric vehicles for use in warehouses, airports and similar.

Disabled Transport

Platforms for lifts and stair lifts.

Industrial Cleaning

Chassis for sweeping and floor washing machines. Accessories for filtration system reservoirs.

Industrial Machinery

Chassis and accessories for industrial machinery and accessories for filtration system reservoirs.

Shipping and Railway

Finished and semi-finished products for interiors and mechanics for sea and rail transport.


Components for machinery for field use and feed and hay distribution.


Installations and accessories for fitness machinery and technology.

Furniture & Design

Finished and semi-finished products for interiors. Furniture components and custom designer items.

Street Furniture

Finished and semi-finished products for street furniture.

Waste & Environment

Finished and semi-finished products for waste collection (bins and containers).

A unique set of values

All-around metalwork

Laser cutting and punching

Our laser cutting department for steel tubes and profiles.

Robotic welding

Precision and quality in rapid time.

Mechanical processes

Maximum precision and speed.
A space for people

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Serial and customised products

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Officine Pollastri stands out in the metalwork industry for its efficiency, quality and reliability. Looking for effective solutions for your business?  Contact us! Send us an e-mail and explain your project. We’ll be happy to help!

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