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Constant upgrading and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies geared to a high degree of automation in production processes allow Officine Pollastri to offer customers a highly competitive quality service.

Laser cutting and punching

The perfect combination of speed, flexibility and productivity.

Sheet metal bending

A wide range and maximum precision for every shape and every product.

Mechanical processes

Maximum precision and speed.

Robotic welding

Precision and quality in rapid time.

Manual welding

Where machines can't reach, our experts can.


The starting point for an even, uniform finish.


Cold electro-galvanisation for maximum protection against corrosion.

Cataphoretic coating

Excellent protection against rust and chemicals. Black anti-rust base coat.

Metal plate moulding

Customised and flexible for any process.


Epoxy and polyester powder coating.

Laser cutting for tubes and profiles

Our laser cutting department for steel tubes and profiles.

Nice to meet you!

I’ve been working happily at Officine Pollastri for 17 years. I learned the job here, as a Motoman robot programmer. I handle every aspect of production on a daily basis, working with in-house and external personnel in a climate of respect and motivation.

Jaspreet Marco Singh

Watch the full interview with Jaspreet Marco Singh, Production Manager

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