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Manual welding

Specialist operators for every product

Officine Pollastri excellence

Where machines can’t reach, experts can. The Officine Pollastri welding department relies on specialist operators who can work effectively at every stage of production, thanks to their manual skill and the aid of appropriate machines for every process.

Our manual welding department currently consists of 5 welding stations with Fronius machines supplying between 250 and 340 amps. The welding process is certified by UNI EN 15614-1 and Ministerial Decree 14/01/2008: a guarantee of quality and integrity.

Capability: resources and opportunities for our customers

Manual welding stations

5 welding islands with Fronius machines
  • 5 welding islands with Fronius machines supplying between 250 and 340 amps of power

Manual welding is supported by our robotic welding department. Both sections have a grinding area for welded components, used to give final definition to finished pieces.

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I’ve been working here for 25 years. There has always been a great tendency to innovate, but in recent years the company has undergone even stronger and more focused improvement.

Anania Loppo

Watch the full interview with Anania Loppo, Head of Manual Welding

Other processes

Robotic welding

Precision and quality in rapid time.

Mechanical processes

Maximum precision and speed.

Sheet metal bending

A wide range and maximum precision for every shape and every product.

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