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Cataphoretic coating

Attention to every detail

Cataphoresis for metalwork

To protect iron-based metal components and ensure greater durability, Officine Pollastri offers customers a cataphoresis treatment with excellent rust protection.

Cataphoresis is a process by which a cataphoretic layer of varying thickness is applied to metal by means of electrodeposition. In our factory we use an immersion cataphoresis method that gives excellent anti-rust properties to the entire surface, including cavities that are hard to reach with a conventional spray system.

Accessory processes: resources and opportunities for our customers

Processes, machinery and services

Other accessory processes
  • Painting
  • Galvanising
  • Cataphoretic coating
  • Laser cutting for tubes and profiles
Accessory machinery
  • 4 manual riveting machines
  • 5 electric nailers
  • 1 pantographic arm for manual tapping

Other processes


The starting point for an even, uniform finish.

Mechanical processes

Maximum precision and speed.

Sheet metal bending

A wide range and maximum precision for every shape and every product.

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