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Mechanical processes

Maximum precision and speed

Officine Pollastri excellence

Your components require millimetric precision. At Officine Pollastri we meet your specifications with advanced capability machinery and specialist operators.

The department consists of numerically-controlled machining centres and lathes. Our machining centres allow us to manufacture components sized from 600x400x500 mm to 2000x800x600 mm.

Capability: resources and opportunities for our customers

Machining centres for mechanical processes

Fagima Kreos 270 5 AX machining centres
  • 2800 to 4100 mm table with maximum load 1500 kg/m2
  • 42-position tool magazine
  • Movement X axis: 2700 mm, Z axis: 800 mm, Y axis: 800 mm
  • Maximum torque 149 Nm, power 31 KW, maximum rotation speed 1200 rpm
3 Haas VF-3Y machining centres
  • Table 1372×610 mm with maximum load 1588 kg
  • 20-position tool magazine with maximum diameter 89 mm
  • Movement X axis: 1016 mm, Z axis: 635 mm, Y axis: 660 mm
  • Maximum torque 122 Nm, power 22.4 KW, maximum rotation speed 8100 rpm
2 Haas Minimill machining centres
  • 20-position tool magazine with maximum diameter 89 mm
  • Movement X axis: 406 mm, Z axis: 254 mm, Y axis: 305 mm
  • Maximum torque 45 Nm, power 5.6 KW, maximum rotation speed 600 rpm
2 Haas lathes (DS 30Y and ST-15)
  • Turning capacity length 584 mm
  • Turning capacity diameter 457 mm
  • Movement X axis: 318 mm, Z axis: 584 mm, Y axis: 51 mm
  • Maximum chuck diameter 88.9 mm, power 22.4 KW, maximum speed 4500 rpm
1 Mori Seiki NL 2000 lathe
  • Turning capacity length 510 mm
  • Turning capacity diameter 356 mm
  • Movement X axis: 260 mm, Y axis: 590 mm
  • Maximum chuck diameter 50 mm, power 15 KW, maximum speed 5000 rpm
  • TOP horizontal bar loader with maximum handling length up to 3 m
2 belt saws with semi-rotating head
  • 1 manual belt saw
  • 1 automatic disk saw + 1 manual disk saw
  • 3 CMP hydraulic presses with force of 20 – 150 Tn

Nice to meet you!

We’ve always relied on state-of-the-art machinery, mainly from Amada, the sector leader: it’s a guarantee of the quality and efficiency of a technological partnership that meets the highest production standards and helps us respond to new market challenges in an increasingly dynamic and timely manner.

Giuseppe Minucci

Watch the full interview with Giuseppe Minucci, Head of Mechanical Processes Department

Altre lavorazioni


Cold electro-galvanisation for maximum protection against corrosion.

Cataphoretic coating

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